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Surgically Clean Air

Extraoral Dental Evacuation


From this COVID-19 Pandemic we are looking to add confidence in the safety and protection of us all. In the wake of the recent global pandemic, in addition to our ongoing strict guidelines with regards to RCDSO mandates and "universal precautions", we are pleased to announce an additional layer of safety we have added to facilitate the care and protection of both our patients and our staff. The Extraoral Dental Suction System, manufactured by a local company in Brampton, provides additional high volume removal of droplets and aerosols associated with dental care. With an extensive medical grade filtration system, along with a UV light disinfectant, viral and germ products will be eliminated.

From personal protection (safety eyewear shield/mask/gloves/fluid resistant wear/cover hat) to complete sterilization of all instrumentation to infection control protocol in all operatories, laboratories, bathroom facilities, hallways, front office reception area complete throughout our waiting room we are there to provide dental care in a safe and comfortable environment. We have extensive hand-washing protocols for all staff members in place. We meet the highest standard in training, including monthly and annual training sessions.
We are confident the Extraoral Dental Suction is a great addition to our safety protocol.
Please have a pic of this unit on this page and the link below so they can get details if desired:

Methods For Enhance PPE


At the office of Dr. Devang Gandhi, D.D.S., we follow and exceed the recommendations of the RCDSO, to offer our patients the most protective environment for all of your dental care. We pride ourselves routinely on extensive ongoing training protocols daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually. With the COVID-Pandemic we have continued our quest to further enhance our daily protocols to provide the highest level of safety for you, our patients, our wonderful staff, and our doctors. In addition to our enhanced aerosol protection procedures as described on our website, we have redesigned our entire floor plan to further accommodate social distancing, enhanced our office air filtration system, staggered our appointment scheduling for less concentration of patients and staff in any one area of our office, and reinforced our staff and doctor PPE barriers, all to further enhance the protection of your experience.

The future practice of dentistry in a safe environment can be envisioned in our practice. Dr. Gandhi and our dedicated staff welcome you back to service all of your dental needs. The adversity of the recent global events has led to a deep reflection of the doctors and staff and our need to be stronger and better than ever before for you, our patient.

Advanced air filtration

Through our educational focus during the COVID-19 Pandemic we have studied air quality and its effects on the safety of our patients and staff. Through that learning process, we are excited to announce we have added extra layers of both air purification and air filtration throughout our entire dental facility to effectively oxidize the air to eliminate all viruses, bacteria, mold, odors, and VOC’s not only in the air but on all surfaces and flooring. For many years, we have been using The Cascade by Surgically clean air in our office. With its 6 stage filtration and sterlization process, it effectively removes 99.998% of particles at 0.1 microns, odors, gases, mold, and allergens.

For further air purification, we have introduced a 99.97% Hepa 13 air purifier in each operatory. These units are certified to remove particles to 0.3 microns (MPPS-Most Penetrating Particle Size), which includes all of our concerning pathogens. In addition, they monitor the air quality throughout the office 24 hours a day. These measures allow us to ensure optimal air quality each and every single day in our office to reduce risk of airborne pathogen transmission.
In combination with our extraoral vacuum systems, room air changes per hour are significantly increased to further enhance our air quality. We are confident we are making significant strides in our quest to keep our environment safe.