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Dental Crowns Brampton

Dental crowns or dental caps are a great solution if you have a tooth that is slightly damaged. It covers up an existing damage and protects the tooth from any further damage as well.

You might need a dental crown when:

1You have a broken tooth

2You have a badly stained tooth

3You have a root canal

4You have a large filling

Dental Crowns can last for about ten years with great oral care and can be made of different types of metals, porcelains, or a combination of both. Dental Crowns are not as strong as your natural teeth, however, so take care when biting down on any hard objects. Each person is different and based on your situation and dental mould, the dental crowns process could take a few visits to the dentist.

Prima Dental in Brampton and Caledon provides dental crowns or dental caps to the patients for their damaged teeth.